Changes to thesis deposit

This page details two key changes in the requirements for depositing your thesis with Library Services. They will apply to any thesis submitted by a student who will formally graduate after 1 January 2024.

E-only deposit

Students graduating after 1 January 2024 will no longer need to deposit a hard-bound copy of their thesis to the Library. The requirement that an electronic copy is deposited via the eTheses repository remains.

Restricting access to your electronic thesis

The vast majority of theses can be made publicly available immediately via the eTheses repository and benefit you by exposing the outcome of your research to a worldwide audience. However, there are cases where restricting access for a period of time is reasonable. For students graduating after 1 January 2024, we will be moving to a system of eligible restriction categories and amending our process for the authorisation of such restrictions. If you meet the criteria for restricted access, you will be required to complete a form, authorised by your supervisor (and in some cases your PGR lead). That form will then be submitted when you make your deposit in eTheses.


Why are we changing to e-only deposit?

While our e-theses repository receives very high traffic (tens of thousands of downloads per month), the vast majority of hard copy theses we hold are never consulted. In the past the hard copy has provided us with a recovery plan should anything go wrong with our electronic storage. However, we are now in a position to implement robust digital preservation, negating the need for students to incur the cost of hard copy binding.

If I will be graduating after 1 January 2024 do I still need to complete an author declaration form?

No, the author declaration form will be retired once hard copies are no longer required. You will be required to complete an online declaration when depositing the electronic copy of your thesis in eTheses.

What if I am intending to graduate in December 2023?

Ensure that both a hard copy and electronic copy are deposited with the library. If access to your thesis needs to be restricted, follow our retiring access options procedure, including submitting option D paperwork ahead of time, should you require an embargo on both the electronic and hard-copies of your thesis.

What if I want a hard-copy to keep for myself or share with others?

You can request that a personal copy is bound for you via the thesis online service.

What if I’ll be graduating in 2024, but have already submitted an option D restricted access request?

If the request has been approved, we’ll ensure the embargo you have requested for the electronic copy of your thesis is applied when your thesis is deposited and you won’t need to submit a new request.


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