Academic skills support

Academic Skills Centre identRegardless of whether you are a new undergraduate, or moving into your second or final year, everyone can benefit from reviewing their general academic writing and skills. To help you develop the skills that you need to study effectively, we offer confidential appointments, workshops and online resources. 


Confidential appointments

We offer a confidential appointments service for all undergraduate students to help you develop strategies to improve your general academic writing skills. To make an appointment please  complete the attached form and email it to: providing details of when you are available and what support you would like. 

Prior to the appointment, we would like you to complete a reflection plan. Please note that we cannot look at more than one paragraph of unsubmitted work. Therefore, please bring with you any work that you have already submitted, and the feedback you have received from your tutor. This feedback will help us to identify the strategies that you need to develop in order to improve your work. 




What to expect

If you're not sure what to expect, please visit our what to expect page .If you require help, advice, training, support and documentation undertaking research, project work, essays and/or dissertations then please contact your subject advisor.


We offer a range of workshops to help you prepare for academic study; improve your note taking; reading; writing and presentation skills. Our workshops are usually around 1.5 hours. 



This handy guide has been put together for you by a group of first year students. It provides a range of tips on how to survive your first year at University.

Subject-specific support for research, project work, essays and/or dissertations

The Academic Writing Advisory Service (AWAS) is a dedicated service for College of Arts and Law students. There are online activities and exercises and individual support provided by an academic writing advisor and postgraduate subject-specialist writing tutors.


  • Skills Development Support

In addition  to the excellent support provided by the Academic Skills Centre, we can also help you develop your employability skills and life skills. Specialist suppot is provided by your Learning Support Team for students with Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Support with Revision and Exam Skills

Are you starting to revise for your summer exams? Then help is at hand in the form of our skills4studycampus module on 'Revision and Exam skills'. Log in for lots of useful tips and interactive modules.



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