We’re updating our iRecommend service to make it easier for you to suggest additions to the library collection. The updated service will now be called MoreBooks@Bham.

Our three goals

  1. Diversify: to diversify the collection, and increase the range of books we stock by BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), LGBTQ+ and disabled authors. Recommendations that amplify, celebrate and tell the history of underrepresented groups are also most welcome.
  2. Support: to support students at the University by increasing our wellbeing and study success books
  3. Supplement: to supplement core reading with modern, academic material that enables students to read around their subject more widely, and to make connections/explore new areas of inquiry.


Due to the current situation we will purchase eBooks for items we hold physically if possible. 

How to make a recommendation

  • You must be a registered student at the University of Birmingham to use this service.  We have a separate process for staff
  • Journal subscriptions are not included. See our separate process.
  • Please check FindIt@Bham to see if we have the item first. If the item is on loan, please place a reservation, as this is the fastest way to get access to the book. Did you know we will automatically buy more copies of a text when it is reserved by four or more people?
  • Please submit one form for each item
  • eBooks will be purchased by default (rather than print books) unless unavailable in electronic format
  • Only the latest editions of books will be purchased
  • Place a request using the form below (please note, there is a limit of 3 requests per user)
  • We will do our best to buy anything you suggest but occasionally if a book is prohibitively expensive or unavailable from our suppliers we will look to supply you with a copy via inter-library loan.

After placing a request

  • eBooks (purchased wherever possible) are usually available within 2 weeks. A link will be emailed to the requester to their UoB email address.
  • Print books are usually available within 2-6 weeks. A reservation will be placed on the requester’s behalf and emailed when ready to collect.
  • Do you require an item urgently for your thesis work? Please indicate this on the form, as inter-library loans may be more appropriate.
  • Your details
  • Name
  • Are you a distance learner?
  • Book details
  • Reason for request

Privacy policy

The data collected on this form will be processed in accordance with our Data Protection Policy which can be found here.  Please contact Library Services if you have any queries or need to change or amend your details.


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