Book not in the library? Use iRecommend

We want to make sure that the books and journals you need for your course are available through our libraries.

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

If an item is on your resource list but isn't available from us, email


  • Please use your University email address, so that we know the request is genuine
  • Include the ISBN (and author / title so that we can double-check we are ordering the right item)
  • Include the module that the book is for, the lecturer's name if known (and if possible, the approximate number of students on the course)

We will deal with your request as quickly as possible, by contacting your lecturer to ensure that we order the correct item and number of copies, and by placing and processing the order as soon as we can.


Academic staff and research students

Academic staff and research students can order books or order subscriptions through our staff request system.