LinkedIn Learning

We are pleased to offer all students unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning. This free online resource can help you broaden your knowledge and enhance your academic, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. 

LinkedIn Learning is simple, free and easy to use via your existing University email address and password. You don’t need to have an existing LinkedIn account, and there’s even a course on using LinkedIn Learning.

You have access to over 13,000 professional courses, all developed by industry experts. With so many easy to use courses available this is a great way to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd when you are looking for work and work experience.

Learn at your own pace with access to in-depth learning and short tutorials.

Learn anytime, from anywhere.

Download courses to your mobile device to view instruction on the go while you're o­ffline. Start a course on a desktop device and finish it on your smartphone. Bookmark courses on your phone and watch them on your computer.

All courses are easily accessible 24/7; both on and offline; via desktop, tablet and mobile devices; and with subtitles and downloadable transcripts.

You can learn to play the guitar on your commute, brush up on your presentation skills while you’re in the bathroom, or learn a language while you’re in the gym.

Getting started with LinkedIn Learning

Sign in for the first time

Go to LinkedIn Learning to activate your profile. You will be directed to a Microsoft sign-in page. Please use your University email address (in the format for current students) and University password to sign in. 

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

Once you’ve signed in for the first time, you can access LinkedIn Learning either:

  • Through your web browser using the link or
  • Tablet and mobile apps - search 'LinkedIn Learning' in your app store

Additional information

Do I need a LinkedIn account?

No, you do not need a LinkedIn account to access the LinkedIn learning platform.

If you have an existing LinkedIn account, you can connect it to your Learning account if you’d like to. If you do link your new Learning account to a personal profile account, you get the additional benefit of keeping your learning history, saved and recommended course detail even if you leave the University.

Whether you choose to link your LinkedIn Learning or not, rest assured that your data is never made public and is always secure.

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost?

Access to all LinkedIn Learning courses is free for all University of Birmingham students and staff through our institutional licence.

The cost of a LinkedIn Learning subscription for someone not covered by our institutional licence is approximately £250 per year.

I need help with LinkedIn Learning

If you are having trouble with any of the content on LinkedIn Learning pages, there is a help link at the bottom right-hand corner of every page.

If you are having trouble logging in with your University username and password, please contact the IT Service Desk. You’ll also find some articles in the IT Service Portal Knowledge Base about accessing LinkedIn Learning.

How do I know the content is of good quality?

All courses are commissioned and produced by LinkedIn. On average, they publish 25 new courses every single week. LinkedIn Learning has over 580 million worldwide users and institutional relationships with more than 45 universities within the UK to date. This includes Oxford, UCL, Imperial, Southampton, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

To date, LinkedIn have produced a large proportion of the content in the USA so you will notice a slight American skew. However, they are prepared by and feature over 800 industry experts from around the world, bringing valuable career knowledge and skills right to your device. 

University teams including HEFi, Library Services, Careers Network and IT Services are collating a range of courses into Learning Collections. These cover key areas relevant to our workplace such as Digital Literacy, Career Development, Wellbeing, and Cybersecurity. You’ll find available collections by clicking on the University crest logo at the top of your LinkedIn Learning screen, and you’ll regularly find something new.

Can I use LinkedIn Learning in my personal time as well as to support my studies?

Of course you can. Whilst it is an excellent tool to support your University learning goals, you can also make use of LinkedIn Learning to develop new skills in your personal life.

Whether you want to learn the piano or learn how to code, a wide range of options are available to support your personal growth.