The Committee Structure (PDF - 8KB) sets out the main education related committees which report to Senate, the principal academic body of the University. The following committees are of particular relevance to policy and quality processes.

University Education Committee (UEC)

UEC has delegated authority from Senate to maintain strategic oversight of the University's education provision, including academic quality assurance, policy, regulations and standards and the student academic experience.

University Quality Assurance Committee (UQAC)

UQAC develops and keeps under review the University's Academic Policy and Quality Framework, i.e. the process for quality assurance and the mainintenance of academic standards and considers and manages the outcomes of these processes.

Student Representation System Advisory Board (SRSAB)

SRSAB oversees the Student Representation System which is the framework for student representation at the University and operates as a partnership between the University and the Guild of Students.

Collaborative Provision Committee (CPC)

CPC approves, monitors and reviews the University's collaborative provision arrangements with external organisations.


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