Programme and Module Development and Approval

These pages provide the forms and guidance necessary for the development and approval of programmes and modules at the University of Birmingham.  

The sections below outline where you can access the different information. For general queries about the process, please contact your College Academic Policy Partner.  For curriculum data issues please contact the Curriculum Management Team

Module Development and Approval

The module development and approval page provides information about all aspects of module development, including the approval process and forms required to create new modules, modify existing modules, and to withdraw modules. 

Programme Development and Approval

The proposing a new programme page contains an outline of the process for creating new programmes, including when an Approval in Principle in required, the approval process, and frequently asked questions.

The modifying an existing programme page outlines the different types of modifications and the levels of approval needed, as well as frequently asked questions.

The withdrawing or suspending an existing programme page provides information on how to withdraw or suspend (or reactivate) an existing programme, including guidance on the Student Protection Plan.

There is also a dedicated page for creating a new Apprenticeship, which can be created either via the new programme proposal process or exceptional programme modification process.

Forms and Guidance

The form bank and additional guidance page contains all the forms required for programme and module development and approval (the main forms can also be found on each of the dedicated pages above). The page also provides additional guidance, including on student finance loan eligibility. 

There are also pages offering dedicated guidance on:

Programmes and Modules Handbook

The programmes and module handbook is available here; this page also provides links to the module search facility and additional help with using the handbook.

Information for Non-College Areas

Several areas of the University sit outside the College structure, including the Birmingham International Academy and Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences. Programme and module paperwork requires approval by School Education Committees; for non-College areas this may be a Learning and Teaching Committee or Board of Studies.

Additionally, many of the programme and module development processes (including proposal and withdrawal) refer to requiring approval by the College, e.g. by the College Quality Assurance and Approval Committee.

For areas that sit outside the College structure, the Chair of the University Quality Assurance Committee (UQAC) takes the role of the College. Paperwork should be submitted for UQAC approval via the relevant College Academic Policy Partner



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