Should I tick the Tuition Fee Loan tick box?

Undergraduate students

You should tick this box if you are having 100% of your tuition fees paid for by a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland or the Student Loans Company.

By ticking this box you are instructing the Student Fees Section that you will be paying for 100% of your Tuition Fees with your Tuition Fee Loan. Once you have ticked this box you will not be able to access the Funding Pages within Online Registration or un-tick this box.

Should you later decide that you wish to pay for your Tuition Fees by a different method you will need to contact Student Fees via the details below to inform them.

Please note that you will not be able to submit the personal details page if the Tuition Fee Loan box is ticked without having entered your Student Support Number (SSN).

Postgraduate students

You will not have access to tick this section.

If you have a postgraduate loan this will be paid to you directly and you will be required arrange either a full payment or set up a Direct Debit for the payment of your tuition fees full details on all payment methods available at the Student Fees website.


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