Will there be more weeks of teaching from 2020-2021?

The two semesters will each have eleven weeks of teaching - you will therefore have 22 weeks of teaching across the academic year, which is the same as the current structure.  There will, however, be three Assessment Support Weeks available to offer you time and additional support to continue preparing for your exams and your other assessed work.  Welcome Week will continue as usual, and we have introduced a new inter-semester enrichment event, UoBe Festival, towards the end of January (after the semester one assessment period).  This week will include a wise range of new activities and opportunities for all students. 
The standard pattern of study will be three 20 credit modules taken in each of the two semesters, although there are some exceptions in specific disciplines and some modules (for example, dissertation/project modules) may run across both semesters (as they do now).


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