Following NATY - what is the UoBe Festival in the inter-semester week in January, and what opportunities will it offer me?

The UoBe festival (formally Enrichment week) will offer students an exciting and unique programme of enriching extra-curricular activities and events based around five main themes -
Varsity - Be Proud
Students will be able to take part in a range of competitions and challenges, individually or as part of a team, some will be sporting, some college-related, and all points won will go towards the Varsity College Cup.
Social - Be Involved
A chance for students to simply have fun and unwind after the exam period and before semester two beings with food, film, music and more.
Skills - Be Ready
The week will offer a range of opportunities to develop personal skills and attend money management sessions, as well as offering different skills activities to enhance employability.
Community - Be Active
Volunteering, fundraising and school outreach opportunities are the focus of this theme, enabling students to be active in the local community and beyond.  Many of the opportunities will extend further than the week itself, and allow students gain valuable personal skills as well as helping others.
Wellbeing - Be You
The focus of this will be to offer students support in maintaining a balance in their lives, through talks, learning tools and techniques and a range of other activities.

Students have already contributed ideas to UoBe Festival and continue to co-create and co-develop the programme of activities.


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