What facilities can I use as a trans student?

The Government Equalities Office states that when a trans person starts to live in their acquired gender role on a full time basis, they should be afforded the right to use the facilities appropriate to the acquired gender role. The University recognises this as part of the gender transition process for individuals who are undergoing gender reassignment. Trans students who would like to start using the facilities of their acquired gender are encouraged to discuss with their Wellbeing Officer for developing an action plan for supporting transition, along with related issues such as how to communicate with staff and students about their transition.

There are also a range of single-user, single-sex, and gender-neutral facilities on campus to accommodate different individuals' cultural, religious, or personal needs. For example, our newly built facilities will normally have options of gendered and gender-neutral toilets. Also, our Sports & Fitness building has village changing and showering facilities with gender-neutral private cubicles in the wet area, and single-sex facilities and inclusive and gender-neutral changing and showering facilities in the dry area.


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