My legal name has changed, can you update this on my student record?

Your legal name and date of birth are displayed in the Personal Details Section of Online Registration.

What to do if the information displayed is inaccurate

Check that the information displayed on the personal details page is correct; this is how your name is entered in the central student records database. The information here was entered at the time of your admission to the University using documents and details supplied by you.

To change this information (including adding a missing middle name) you will need to supply documentary evidence to show that these changes reflect the way that your name is legally recognised. Documents which we can accept are your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or Deed Poll Record (whichever is appropriate). For International Students your name must appear as it does on your passport and visa; if these documents do not correspond it may affect your right to remain in the UK.

If you are a transgender student seeking to update your student records, examples of proof that we will also accept are: a Change of Name deed, Statutory Declaration, or Gender Recognition Certificate.

We can amend your name and date of birth on your record at any time during your studies.

If you wish to change your name or date of birth please click on the Contact Us button below or email attaching any supporting evidence to the contact form.


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