How do I order my specialist equipment?

Once you have the DSA entitlement letter from your funding body informing you of any approved equipment, training and/or support, you should make arrangements to obtain these as soon as possible. Follow the instructions on the letter and contact each designated supplier, informing them that you have approval from your funding body. You will be asked to send the supplier a copy of your entitlement letter – you can do this by post, fax or email. Some suppliers have a means of uploading the letter on their website. Delivery of your equipment should be within 10 working days of you providing confirmation of your funding body approval. This is subject to equipment availability, as well as your own preferences.

Delivery, setup and familiarisation will take place on the same day. This can last up to 1 ½ hours. Familiarisation gives a basic overview of both the standard and assistive hardware and software you have received.


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