Which industry sector might it be best for me to get an internship or work experience in?

You don't have to be certain about your future career to undertake work experience as any work experience you undertake will help you to develop important transferable skills, but having a sense of the direction you'd like to take can help you to have more productive and enjoyable experience. If you are uncertain about your career goals, you may find it helpful to speak to a member of the Careers Network team first. To do this please book an Advice and Guidance appointment via our appointment booking system Careers Connect, or contact us with your questions using the contact button below. 

The internships section of the Careers Network website can give you advice about choosing the right work experience. You can find out what careers previous graduates from your course have pursued using our undergraduate destinations and postgraduate destinations pages. You may also find it helpful to check the Prospects website, where you can find out more about options with your subject.


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