Employers Seeking References

To request a reference for a current or former student of the University of Birmingham, click on the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page to send us an official request.

You will be able to add attachments to the contact form alongside information we require from you in order to process the reference.

We aim to respond to all reference requests within 7 working days.  We politely request that companies do not chase references within this time period as this will impact on our ability to respond to requests swiftly.

We can provide a reference to confirm:

We cannot provide verification of marks or comment on the student's academic ability or character, although staff from the student's school or department may be able to assist with requests such as this.

Information required

Please provide the following details:

Items marked * are compulsory.

Data Protection

Please be aware that in most cases, we will require signed authorisation from your candidate before we release any information. Please ensure you include their signed authorisation with your reference request.

Thank you. We are glad this answered your question