Where do I order my gown from?

If you have confirmed your attendance via www.my.bham.ac.uk you will receive an email asking you to order your gowns before the end of the summer term. Gowns are ordered directly from Ede and Ravenscroft – for more information please see our website.

Please beware of companies producing copies of Birmingham academic dress. The only supplier of Birmingham academic dress is Ede and Ravenscroft, so please do not order from any other company. The dress provided by these companies does not meet Birmingham standards, and will not match that worn by the rest of the graduands.

If you fail to order your gowns by the published deadline then you should contact Ede and Ravenscroft directly to see if you can still place an order. Failing this, Ede and Ravenscroft do bring extra gowns on the day, so you may have to order gowns when you arrive for your Degree Congregation. We cannot guarantee gowns will be available if you fail to pre-order; however, we do advise you arrive approximately 2 ½ hours before your ceremony to resolve this issue.