How can I get my certificate urgently for employment purposes?

If you need your certificate urgently for employment purposes, we strongly advise you to attend the Degree Congregation in person, as we are unable to send your certificate any earlier than the graduation dates.  The reasons for this delay are as follows:

  1. To improve delivery success rates, graduands have until the end of December (for December Degree Congregations) and July (for July Degree Congregations) to check/update their address details. Only once this deadline has passed are the certificates printed.
  2. Once the certificates are printed in August and January each year, they are subject to the standard security checks, before being embossed ready for posting.
  3. Certificates are manually collated and posted, therefore depending on the number to send it can take 5 working days for the certificate to be processed ready for posting.
  4. Due to security reasons we are unable to offer a collection service for your certificate – therefore it is not possible for a friend to collect your certificate on your behalf.

You can purchase DHL carriage for your certificate if you are not attending the Degree Congregation which will ensure your certificate reaches you faster than by standard delivery/airmail.  If you wish to purchase this delivery option then please visit the online shop. Please note any orders placed after 31st December (for December Degree Congregations) or 31st July (for July Degree Congregations) may not be accepted, but may still be charged.