Will I still receive a certificate and transcript if I was awarded a non-graduatable or alternative qualification?

If you have been awarded a non-graduatable or alternative qualification, you will be posted a certificate and transcript 6-8 weeks after completion. These will be sent to the home address we have on file for you. Please use Online Registration to ensure your address is up-to-date.

If you require your certificate and transcript to be sent by DHL courier, there is a charge of £30 for this service. Please pay for this using the online shop: DHL for non-graduatable awards.

Please note this link can only be used once - if you require any additional copies of your certificate and transcript, please order using the Secure Documents Website (Verify). As well as ordering transcripts in hard copy, this site also allows you to view, share and download electronic copies of your certificate and transcript. To access this site, you will need your university login details. These login details will still work beyond completion, however, you must enter your email address in the format abc123@alumni.bham.ac.uk if you are no longer a current student. If you no longer have your login details, or you have any problems logging in, please log a call with our IT Service Desk to retrieve/reset your details.

If you are awarded an Alternative Qualification, and submit an appeal against this award, your certificate and transcript will not be sent out until the outcome of the appeal has been decided.

Non-graduatable qualifications include the following types:

For detailed instructions on using the Secure Documents website, please see what can I do on the Secure Documents website.


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