I have a Tier 4 visa and need to take leave of absence. Can I stay in the UK during my leave of absence?

If you are an international student who requires a Tier 4 student visa to study in the UK then you should be aware that your immigration status will be affected as a leave of absence means that you will not be a registered student at the University.

As a Home Office Tier 4 Sponsor, the University of Birmingham will no longer continue to sponsor you as a Tier 4 visa student and we are required to report withdrawal of immigration sponsorship to the Home Office within 10 days of the change to your student status. The Home Office will curtail (shorten) your visa and you will be required to leave the UK.

If, after the University has withdrawn immigration sponsorship, you decide to remain in the UK, you are responsible for meeting a specialist immigration solicitor to switch your visa category from Tier 4 (General) Student to another visa category.

You are strongly advised to contact the International Student Team (IST) for immigration advice as soon as possible.


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