Does the University currently accept pre-16 evidence of specific learning difficulties?

On 21 February 2019, the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee made the following announcement: "DfE have let us know that the Student Loans Company have now started accepting pre-16 reports for DSA eligibility written by APC holders. This includes a small backlog of pended applications. We presume this also applies to those written by HCPC registered psychologists".

Whilst we are aware of these changes to evidence criteria for Disabled Students' Allowances, there have been no official directives or clarification to HE institutions from the DfE. At the moment, therefore, to qualify for reasonable adjustments such as exam arrangements at UoB - which is totally separate from the DSA process - we require post-16 evidence that meets our criteria. At the present time and until we have seen the new directive, we are unable to provide you with any more information to inform your decision whether to proceed with obtaining an updated / post-16 assessment.


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