Can I request an alternative payment plan while I study abroad?

The academic year structure in some countries (usually but not limited to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) runs across two semesters (or terms) rather than three terms at the University of Birmingham. If this applies to you, you can request to receive your funding entitlement in two instalments, instead of the standard three instalments.

If requested, you will receive your funding entitlement from Student Finance in two equal instalments of 50%. Student Finance manually process the first instalment which you will receive approximately seven days prior to when you would normally receive your first automated instalment (unless you have requested to receive your first instalment early). You will receive your second instalment and remaining 50% of your funding entitlement on or around the start of the second term.

In other countries (usually China, Japan and Russia), you may be required to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself financially for the year, prior to obtaining the appropriate immigration permissions (if applicable) to enter the country. In such instances Student Finance can provide your full funding entitlement for the year in your first instalment (unless requested otherwise). Please note you must be abroad for the full academic year to request your funding entitlement in full.


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