Why are Ede and Ravenscroft the University's official robe supplier?

Degree Congregations are formal University events with a history that goes back to the University’s founding. In order to be able to engage fully with the ceremonial aspects of these important occasions, you, and all other University participants are required to wear appropriate academic dress. The University's official supplier is Ede & Ravenscroft. Only Ede & Ravenscroft can provide the right robes for each of our qualifications as their stock includes all of the necessary embellishments, subtle differential markers (to denote the level and type of award) and University crests.

Ede & Ravenscroft have been the University's official robe supplier for several decades, during which time they have built up the vast stock required to represent all of our degrees. They are a company that, like the University itself, prides itself on its strong environmental and ethical values, committing itself to sustainable business practices that aim to reduce negative environmental and social impacts as much as possible. This means that when you hire robes from them you know that they have been produced in a manner that minimises carbon emissions, maximises the use of sustainable materials and does not exploit sweatshop or slave labour.

Counterfeit robes are out of place in the graduation ceremony owing to their poor quality and incorrect design. They are also often made in conditions that run directly counter to the University's commitment to environmental and social responsibility, utilising sweatshop labour and manufactured with little to no regard for environmental issues. Students will not be allowed access to their graduation ceremony if they are not wearing correct academic dress.


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