Can I receive my degree certificate before my graduation ceremony?

If you are awarded a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree, we cannot issue a certificate until your degree has been conferred to you. This normally happens as part of a graduation ceremony, held in July or December in Birmingham, in July in Jinan, or in November in Dubai and Singapore.

You will be given a certificate and transcript during the graduation ceremony if you attend. If you do not attend (or your degree is conferred by Special Warrant), you will be given the opportunity to have your certificate and transcript posted to you afterwards. For further information, please see graduation documents.

In the meantime, the degree you have been awarded will be displayed on your transcript as soon as your degree award has been released by your school. Your transcript can be accessed on the Secure Documents Website (Verify). You can also request a letter explaining when you are expected to graduate - please request this using the Student Hub booking form, and select "proof of registration letter", followed by "congregational information letter".

If your course started in 2002 or later, you can order replacement certificates via our Secure Documents website (Verify). This site also allows you to view, share and download electronic copies of your certificate. To access this site, you will need your university login details. These login details will still work beyond completion, however, you must enter your email address in the format if you are no longer a current student.

If you no longer have your login details, or you have any problems logging in, please log a call with our IT Service Desk to retrieve or reset your details.

If you are awarded a "non-graduatable" qualification, please see: "will I still receive a certificate and transcript if I am awarded a non-graduatable qualification?"


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