I am due to return from leave of absence, do I need a new visa?

Once you are ready to return to the University of Birmingham to commence your studies, you need complete a return from leave of absence form (if you applied for leave of absence after 19th of April you will automatically prompted to return). If you were absent because of health reasons you will be expected to provide medical evidence that you are fit and well to resume your studies.

You will need to contact the International Student Team (IST) to start your CAS Request process so that you can make a new Study Route visa application to return to the UK and continue your studies.

It is recommended that you contact the IST at least three months before your intended return date.

Please note - if you are a student who requires ATAS clearance, you will not be assigned a new CAS until you evidence that you have obtained new ATAS clearance. You should make your ATAS application as early as possible - the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who manage ATAS, recommend that applicants apply four months before they want to apply for their CAS.

The following advice is being provided to you in advance.

Preparation of your new Student Route Visa application:

  1. Apply for your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies): Please read our CAS information carefully.
  2. Check to see whether you need an ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme).
  3. Before your CAS statement can be issued, IST are required to check all supporting documentation that you intend to submit in support of your Study route visa application.

Therefore, we require you to send the IST the following documents via email (scanned) 3 months prior to your return date to the UK:


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