Study Spaces

There are a wide range of study spaces on campus that are open to all students. Each of these spaces has its own characteristics - some are small and quiet, others are larger and busier. Trying a variety should enable you to find a space that best suits your needs at particular times. 

There are also a number of spaces available specifically for Postgraduate Research students.


The Main Library (R22 - Edgbaston Campus) is open 24/7 during term time. For the duration of the exam period, temporary additional seating will be available on ground floor. The two fourth floor training rooms will also be open for studying during the day. View an interactive map of the Main Library.

The Orchard Learning Resource Centre at the Selly Oak campus has over 250 study spaces. A free shuttle bus runs during term time between the Edgbaston and Selly Oak campuses, and free parking is available after 4.30pm. 

Up to date opening hours for all the University's libraries are available on the Library Services intranet page.

Study spaces' opening hours

View the opening hours for study spaces during the Summer term and Summer vacation.

There are a number of study spaces that are open late during the week for all students:

  • The Murray Learning Centre (R28 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Nuffield Building (R9 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Strathcona Building (R18 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • The Aston Webb Student Hub Study Lounge (R7 - Edgbaston campus)
  • Poynting Physics Computer Cluster (R13 - Edgbaston campus)
  • The Loft, University Centre (R23 - Edgbaston campus)

Some study spaces are restricted to students from particular Schools outside of office hours - check the opening times or speak to your School if you are unsure.

Silent study spaces

The Main Library has two rooms for silent study: room 220 on the second floor and room 314 on the third floor. To see their location, please view the interactive map of the Main Library and select the 'silent study' option from the menu.

Postgraduate Research study spaces

There are a number of study spaces available on campus specifically for Postgraduate Research students. 

In the Main Library, there is a Researchers' Suite on the First Floor. It includes a computer cluster, lockers and a variety of different study spaces. To see its location, please view the interactive map of the Main Library and select the 'other facilities' option from the menu.

At Westmere (G15 - Edgbaston campus) there is a a hot desk room, and The Lounge for informal meetings and socialising. The building can be accessed between 6am and 12midnight with swipe card access. Please ask at the Westmere office for access to be added your University ID card, and for the door code to the hot desk room. For more information please visit Westmere's intranet page.

Study spaces map

Learning Spaces Map Poster - JULY 2016 ST2Download the study spaces map.