Study Spaces


Please note

Please work with us to keep everyone safe. Respect social distancing and wear your face covering at all times unless you are exempt.


Some study spaces are closed. The Main Library and the Teaching & Learning Building are open only to pre-booked students. Do not come onto campus to use study spaces unless you really need to. 

These spaces are for private study and not group study. Please follow these simple rules:

  • You must wear a face-covering at all times unless exempt.
  • You must stay 2m distant from others, and sit in the designated places, even if you are in a bubble with those people at home or elsewhere.

If you have to be reminded more than twice to abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave. If you choose to do not do so the University’s Security Team will be asked to intervene. Failure to follow their instructions could result in disciplinary action.

Pop-up silent study space

For the duration of the January assessment period, The Loft (University Centre) and the Hub Study Lounge (Aston Webb C-Block) have been designated as silent study spaces. Please respect other users when visiting these spaces by keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum.

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