Assessment centres

Assessment centres are an increasingly popular tool in the recruitment process of graduate employers. To be invited to an assessment centre means the employer already believes you have the potential to fulfil the role.

Assessment centres offer recruiters the opportunity to observe the way you operate and interact with others, and provide more information about your skills and abilities than an interview alone. They also test specific work-based activities to see how a candidate handles them, i.e. report writing, group exercises, presentations.

Further assessment centre support

If you have an assessment centre coming up, book an appointment to see an adviser to discuss what you will face.

Come along to our Apply Yourself workshops on 'How to succeed at assessment centres', where you will have the opportunity to participate in a typical group exercise. The session is designed to give you the confidence and tools to succeed at assessment centres. Check out the Apply Yourself events page for upcoming workshops.

Our Apply Yourself Canvas course: Assessment Centres, also gives you a detailed overview of what to expect at assessment centres and the best way to approach them to maximise success.

Quick guides: download & keep

These downloadable quick guides will help you to prepare for an application, interviews & assessment centres, and also help you create a great CV and covering letter. 

Top tips sessions

Our innovative ‘Top Tip’ sessions delivered by our Student Peer Presenter Team are designed to give you the confidence and tools to make your way successfully through the application and selection process. Come along to a Top Tips session on campus or alternatively view our workshops online. 

Videos (left to right): "Apply yourself: Top tips to success at assessment centres", "Top tips for sourcing funding for further study" and "Apply yourself: Top tips for interview success". Second row: "Apply yourself: Top tips for applying for a Masters", "Apply yourself: Top tips to a great CV" and "Apply yourself: Top tips for online applications".


Job application, interview & career planning workshops

Come along to one of our drop-in sessions below:

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