How to prepare for psychometric tests

Psychometric tests or questionnaires are tools used in job selection and career planning / development to assess ability, aptitude, aspects of personality, motivation or interests.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric tests can be divided broadly into three categories:

Aptitude / ability tests

These measure your ability in a specific area such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning or abstract reasoning. Employers use these to test your ability in a job-relevant area in order to assess your potential for that job.

These online or paper based tests are done under strict administration and time conditions and the questions have definite right and wrong answers. They are common in the recruitment process for graduate jobs, particularly with larger employers.

Personality types

These have no right or wrong answers and are not strictly timed. They assess aspects of personality such as typical behaviour, preferences, interests and motivations. Recruiters may use them to gain additional information about your suitability and “fit” for a job. They can also be used in career planning and career development to help you understand more about yourself.

Learning styles

Everyone learns in a different way and understanding the way you learn most effectively can help you to think about your preferences; this may feed into your career choices or academic work. Questionnaires can help you to assess your preferred learning style.

Practising psychometric testing: online assessment

At Careers Network we have online tests available to students, staff and graduates to help you understand more about:

  • Your test-taking skills and how they are used for job selection.
  • Your abilities and how they relate to career choices.
  • Your learning style.
  • Your preferences and how these relate to your strengths and areas for development.

It is not necessary to complete all the individual assessments; you can select the ones relevant to you and you can complete them at a time convenient to you.

Accessing the psychometric tests

All current staff and students should be able to access our online tests by logging in. If you have any problems with this, or have already left the university, you will need to use Careers Connect to send your full name, degree subject and year of graduation and we will then send details of how to access the assessments.

If you have a disability and would have trouble accessing the online tests please contact us (for example: extra time cannot be given within the online system). We can arrange for you to take the tests in paper and pencil format at Careers Network.

We also provide a range of resources on our Psychometric Testing Canvas course

Other resources

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Need help? Talk to us

There are Careers Advisers qualified to advise on psychometric testing issues who will be happy to help answer your questions. Contact us via Student Help.