How to apply for a job

Applying for graduate jobs can be challenging; one vacancy with a well known employer can attract thousands of applicants. These are then shortlisted using methods such as CVs, application forms, online testing, interviews and assessment centres either alone or in combination. The process can seem daunting but Careers Network is here to advise on the ins and outs of how to apply for a job and help you make successful applications.

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Creating a good CV
There is no blueprint for the perfect CV, but we can help you to tailor your CV and develop the tools to adapt this to a specific role or career area.

Submitting successful application forms
Your application form is the first step towards being selected for interview or assessment centre so it is important to get right. Click through for our ‘Tips and Tricks’ for completing applications as well as information on what employers are looking for.

Interviews are an opportunity for your potential employer to get know about you, your skills and your motivation in the way you want them to. This section will help you gain confidence and perform well at interview.

Assessment centres
Reaching this step is an accomplishment in itself and for some firms can be the final stage of the recruitment process. We can help you prepare for what the day might entail and provide some hints and tips on how to perform well.

Psychometric testing
Use these tests to find out about your career motivation as well as how potential employers utilise these tests when deciding on the right candidate for the job.

Using social media to look for a job
You can use social media as a tool to research employers, network with relevant individuals, and build a personal brand online to support you while applying for work. You also need to manage your online reputation to ensure you maintain a positive and professional image.

The hidden job market
Not every job vacancy is advertised; it is thought that around 70% of job vacancies are not advertised. Every day these hidden vacancies are being filled by people who have taken the initiative and applied directly to the company they want to work for hoping that they have a suitable vacancy. To be successful in this approach you must have a clear plan. We have put together an essential guide to accessing the hidden job market..

Stay motivated, stay positive
One of the most difficult and frustrating parts of job-hunting is learning to deal with rejection. Although it is hard to stay motivated and positive when your applications are unsuccessful, it is important to do so. Coming across as an enthusiastic, confident and motivated person in your written applications and in job interviews will help you get a step closer to getting your first graduate job.

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