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LinkedIn Learning (free access)

All University of Birmingham students have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning; over 13,000 professional courses, all developed by industry experts.

LinkedIn Learning is simple, free and easy to use via your existing University email address and password.

You don’t need to have an existing LinkedIn account, and there’s even a course on how to use LinkedIn Learning.

Work experience

As a registered student, you have access to work experience information and support. 


Being entrepreneurial and enterprising are valuable attributes, whether you want to start your own business or develop a growth mindset that is valued by employers.

As a registered student you will have access to B-Enterprising events and a start-up appointment with a member of the team. 

Work in the West Midlands

Find out about graduate level jobs and opportunities in the West Midlands - home to many industries seeking to grow and innovate.

Work at the University of Birmingham

The University has a large selection of opportunities in a range of academic, professional, technical, manual and administrative roles available.

Contact Careers Network

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