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We have been named University of the Year for Graduate

Employment in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University

Guide 2015–16.


Careers Network has a dedicated team for each of the University's five

colleges, providing careers and employability support tailored to our

students needs. 


Job Application Help & Advice                     

Careers Network has the resources to help you make your way
successfully through application and selection processes, whether
for opportunities such as jobs and work experience, or applying for
on-campus research projects or further study. 


Follow the links below for our quick “need to know” information
on some of the key topics, see our Apply Yourself canvas course
 or take part in apply yourself workshops.

Online application forms are an increasingly common feature
of the recruitment landscape. This section provides a first look at
why they are used, common types of questions and some
strategies for answering these

Popular with employers large and small assessment centres
can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect. We provide
an overview on likely areas to be assessed, how, and some top
tips on how to prepare.

CVs and cover letters can often be the first contact a potential
employer or supervisor has of you. We start you off here with the
basics. Why do employers use them, what to include and a host
of useful links. 

Interviews are a great opportunity to showcase your skills and
enthusiasm but it is important to be prepared. Information here
introduces some preparation techniques, the different types of
interviews you might be invited to and some of our top tips on
answering typical interview questions. Book a mock interview here.


You can also practice your interview skills online using Interview Stream.

Psychometric testing is a popular method of assessment used by
employers to gauge the suitability of potential job candidates. Visit
the link above for a full definition and some information on where
they are used and what to expect as well as links to some of our
resources - enrol on the course



We run a number of interactive workshops on the topics above
throughout the term to help you apply yourself to securing the
opportunities you want - find out more about apply yourself workshops.


See our Quick Guides you can complete yourself:


Quick guide to Preparing an application (PDF)Quick guide to Preparing for interview (PDF)Quick guide to CVs (PDF)Quick guide to Covering Letter (PDF)

Book to see an adviser, book a mock interview or browse
Student Help pages.

Making Career Choices

Personal Skills Award (PSA)

The PSA is the University's exclusive employability programme;

it can help you develop, recognise and articulate your professional

skills effectively.

Work Experience, Internships & Mentoring

For internships, work experience and funding opportunities at

University of Birmingham, please visit our internships website,

which also contains a information on Mentoring.


You can also search vacancies on Careers Connect.


Employers want graduates who are more enterprising. This does
not mean people starting-up in business - it means people who
are innovative, show initiative and make things happen. We’ve
marked events and courses that help you develop these skills with
a “B-Enterprising” logo – so look out for it.









Find out what it means, why it's sought-after and how you can
B-Enterprising and more employable.

Information for Employers

Visit our dedicated employers pages which contain information

on a range of services we offer to support your recruitment needs,

such as:

Most popular links
Advice by year groups
Book an appointment

Link to vacancy search on Careers Connect