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Diogo Henriques case study

Case study from Diogo Henriques ,a Discover Finance Graduate at Vodafone UK, who graduated in 2020 with an MSc in Financial Management.

Doctoral Researcher in Civil Engineering, Risk and Asset Management in Railways

Manu studied an MSc Civil Engineering and Management and graduated in 2014. His current role is a PhD Researcher in Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Dominique Alexander - Gateway Bursary

Dominique, a student in the School of Chemical Engineering, used the Gateway Bursary towards working as a GIVE Volunteers in Thailand & Laos.

Dominique Alexander - Gateway Bursary success story

Case study from Dominique Alexander, who was awarded a Gateway Bursary and worked as a GIVE Volunteers in Thailand & Laos.

Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen

Andrew may be of interest to Medical students, or those with interest in careers in health.

Dr Barry Cockcroft

Barry may be of interest to students of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Biomedical Materials Science and other medical and health related courses.

Dr Jane Collins

Jane can help students who are interested in careers in charities/third sector and health care.

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE FRSA

Marilyn can help students who are interested in business, enterprise, technology and STEM.

Dr Rowan Hillson MBE

Rowan may be of interest to Medical or Nursing students, or those with an interest in diabetes or careers in health.
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