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Hamdalat Basorun (mentor) - case study

Mentoring case study from Hamdalat Basorun a Compliance Officer for as asset management firm.

Hannah (mentee) - video transcript

Template - video transcript

Happy Autistic Lady

Happy Autistic Lady is a purpose-driven venture that creates empowering stationery and educational resources for the Autistic and neurodivergent community.

Harborne Electronics - Michael Gucluer and Jake Eaton

Harborne Electronics is an automotive start-up business created by Electronic Engineering students Michael Gucluer and Jake Eaton.

Harith Jayakody

Story from Harith Jayakody, a PhD Mechanical Engineer CDP at Air Products. Harith graduated in 2019 with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Havick Talent - Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2018 with a degree in Accounting and Finance and he is the co-founder of Influencer agency Havick Talent.


Hazaar is a zero waste marketplace app for students created by University of Birmingham graduate Harriet Noy. Students can buy using the app and then meet in person to hand over items eliminating wasteful packaging.
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