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Insight into graduate ecology careers

Ecologists are concerned with ecosystems as a whole, the abundance and distribution of organisms (people, plants, animals), and the relationships between organisms and their environment.

Insight into international development

There is no one set career pathway to work in international development, opportunities can based either overseas in a developing country or in the UK. This page provides an insight into this career.

Insight into job sectors

These pages have all of the information you need to explore the types of careers available to you after university. Whether you are interested in exploring a range of careers, have an idea of what you would like to do, or are ready to start applying to roles, these pages have resources for you.

Insight into machine learning

Machine learning is having a substantial effect on many areas of technology and science; examples of recent applied success stories include robotics and autonomous vehicle control, speech processing and natural language processing, neuroscience research, and applications in computer vision.

Insight into opportunities using social policy

This page provides an insight into this area.

Insight into opportunities using sociology

Sociology graduates develop knowledge and skills that are attractive to a wide number of graduate employers. Research and analytical skills developed through your course enable you to analyse data, report and make recommendations..

Insight into publishing & journalism blog

Top tips from recent graduates working in publishing and journalism roles. Find out what websites they would recommend and what myths they would want to dispel.

Insight into Science and Healthcare sectors

Take a look at the resources available to help you pursue a career in Science and Healthcare

Insight into Surveying

What careers are available in surveying, qualifications required, improving employability and links to additional information.

Insight into town planning

An insight into town planning careers - information about what town planners do, qualifications needed and others.
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