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Sagar Venugopal case study

Story from Sagar Venugopal, a Technical Engineer at Saint Gobain. Sagar graduated in 2021.

Samihah Hussain - Work Experience Bursary

Samihah, a student from the School of Biomedical Science, used the Work Experience Bursary towards working as a summer Laboratory Researcher here at the University of Birmingham.

Samihah Hussain - Work Experience Bursary success story

Case study from Samihah Hussain, who was awarded a Work Experience Bursary to work as summer Laboratory Researcher at the University of Birmingham.

Santander X UK Awards 2023

The University of Birmingham is looking for student businesses to enter the Santander X Awards 2023

Sara Mills case study

Sara undertook an internship with the United Nations Global Compact.

Sara Tryon case study

Case study from Sara Tryon, Global Challenge: Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Chicago, USA, who studied English with Creative Writing in 2015.
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