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Westmere Careers Series

The page is an overview of the Westmere Careers Series, which is a series of events hosted by Careers Network and aimed specifically at Postgraduate Researchers.

What are my career options with a PhD?

Summary of career options for postgraduate researchers. Index of popular career options for PhDs and postgraduate researchers. Tips for postgraduate researchers to bear in mind when considering career options

What are the benefits of the A2C Scheme?

Find out about the benefits of Access to your Career scheme.

What College of Social Sciences (CoSS) graduates do

What do College of Social Sciences graduates do?

What do Birmingham postgraduates do?

Case studies and information on what Birmingham postgraduates do.

What Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) graduates do

What careers EPS students go on to do.

What Medical and Dental Science (MDS) graduates do

What do University of Birmingham medical and dental science graduates do? Destinations of leavers.

Where to study your masters or PhD

Whether you are considering a taught masters or a PhD research project, choosing where to study is as important as choosing what to study.
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