Careers Network Mentoring

Open to undergraduate students - re-opens in September 2018

Our mentors want to help you! We have hundreds of mentors who have volunteered their time to help you find a career that suits your strengths and interests. 

  • Gain advice from professionals working in an area you hope to pursue after graduation.
  • Seek top tips on how to utilise your university experience in order to support your career journey.
  • Build your network whilst at university, which will support you to make informed decisions. 
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Where are the mentors from?

Our mentors are based in many different locations, both in the UK and internationally in places such as Hong Kong, the US and China. They also cover a large number of sectors and career areas. On your application form you can select your top 3 sector areas and top 3 preferred locations of where you would like your mentor to be based. We will then do our best to find someone who is most relevant, and we encourage all applicants to keep an open mind as all of our mentors have a wealth of experience and advice to share.  

Any questions, please email