Benefits of mentoring schemes

Mentoring is a great way to gain insight into where you want to be and how you can get there.


Benefits of mentoring for students

  • Access information and advice from an experienced professional
  • Discover your strengths and develop new skills
  • Explore what you do and don’t want/like
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence to have a clearer career direction and reach your aspirations
  • Gain key skills such as understanding how to communicate 

Benefits of mentoring for mentors

  • Gain a new perspective from a Birmingham student
  • Rewarding experience knowing that your advice has helped a student progress
  • Your mentee can offer support to your business, whilst being mentored, showing that mentoring is a two-way process.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering and helping the other person understand themselves and their aims – and how they can get there.

It's also about helping each other resolve issues, whether directly or more often through advice and sharing experiences.

Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help you with your career development. We have asked mentors to offer at least one hour a month, but please note this may vary depending on their work schedule. 

It is not an offer of employment or work experience nor will the mentor do the work for you, it is up to you to drive the relationship.

To make the most of the opportunity it is important to understand that you are driver of the mentoring relationship. Our mentors have volunteered their time in addition to their daily job, so it's crucial to maintain momentum throughout the relationship.

What mentoring is

  • Led by the student mentee
  • Motivating and empowering
  • A confidential one-to-one partnership
  • Sharing expertise and experiences
  • Support for professional development

What mentoring isn't

  • Led by the mentor
  • Therapy/ Counselling/ Coaching
  • An offer of work experience
  • Tutor-student relationship
  • Support for academic studies

Wellbeing support

Your discussions with your mentor should be careers-focused. If you are looking for advice or support regarding your welfare, studies, disability or other personal issues please refer to the University’s student Wellbeing services to find out more about the support available to you.


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