Skills development

How you spend your time during your doctorate will have an impact on your future career, so it is a good idea to devote some time to thinking about the career direction that you hope to take. Whatever path you choose, you should think about developing your skills, gaining relevant experience, and gathering evidence as early as possible in your PhD programme in order to maximise your chances of success.

Development opportunities

Whilst at university you have the opportunity to undertake a range of activities that will provide you with useful skills and experience, so it makes sense to take advantage of these opportunities while you can.

Opportunities available include, but are not limited to:

Advice on skills

If you require further advice about the types of skills and experiences that will be useful for certain careers, then it may be helpful for you to discuss this with your supervisor or with one of our advisors at Careers Network. The Prospects web site also provides advice about the skills and experience required for certain job roles.

Students researching development opprtunities online


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