Borrow a laptop

Laptops are now available again to borrow by students and staff as part of an initial pilot. They are self-service and can be borrowed from lockers located in the quick transactions area in the Wolfson room. They can be borrowed whenever the room is open and need to be returned before it closes.

We would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on the pilot and would encourage you to submit comments and thoughts to our main feedback form.

  • The laptops are supported by IT Services and have the same software as cluster PCs.
  • The lockers charge as well as store the laptops, and only issue laptops once they have charged up.
  • The laptops are issued to your library account until the Wolfson room's closing time and cannot be renewed.
  • If your battery is running low, return the one you are using and borrow a fully charged one. Keep an eye on the battery life of the device and save your work frequently to network or removable storage. Work may not be retrievable if the laptop runs out of battery. 
  • You need your University ID card to borrow a laptop. You swipe your card at the locker unit, and the locker with your laptop in it will be indicated to you by flashing lights. You swipe your card again on the tower to open the door.
  • There are 96 loanable laptops.
  • Do not place anything other than your returned laptop in the locker.
  • Make sure you log out of the laptop before returning it.
  • Software is installed on the laptops which will erase any files saved to the hard drive on shutdown of the laptop. Files will not be retrievable. Save work frequently to a USB stick or your network folder. 
  • When you return the laptop to the locker, you must ensure the power cable is connected. Until you have done this, the device remains on your library account and your responsibility.

Please also read the conditions of use below.

Conditions of use

  • Once issued, the laptop is your responsibility, which includes liability for any damage, loss or theft and which may result in a fine or charge for repair or the full replacement value of £640 + VAT.
  • Do not leave a laptop unattended at any time or loan it to anyone else.
  • Whilst using a laptop you must adhere to the General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities.
  • If there is an issue with a laptop you should notify a member of Library staff immediately. 
  • Library Services cannot be held responsible for damage to files or data loss incurred whilst using the laptop. 
  • The laptop is for personal use only. You may not borrow on behalf of someone else. 
  • No personal software or programs may be loaded on to the laptops. 
  • The laptop loan service is not available to alumni and external members and visitors

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