Publishing strategies: writing to get read

There are some simple but effective strategies that can be followed to maximise the chance of your work being read.

  • Write a good title and abstract paying attention to the keywords that search engines will pick up
  • Use the correct institutional affiliation and create an ORCID to distinguish yourself from researchers with a similar name
  • Maximise your readership by making your work openly accessible and publish in a title indexed by major citation services such as Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar. Use UlrichsWeb, available via Findit to find get an idea of the content coverage of a specific title, or to search for titles which cover your discipline.
  • Contact the University Press Office in good time in advance of your publication date.
  • Include a link in your paper to underlying research data and materials. This will make your paper more attractive.
  • Use social media to reach a wide audience.

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