Berghahn Open Anthro

Berghahn Open Anthro has a "Subscribe to Open (S2O)" subscription agreement with the University of Birmingham. Under this agreement, if enough institutions subscribe, new volumes are published open access under a Creative Commons licence. If support is insufficient, the paywall is retained. This agreement covers the following hybrid journal titles:

  • Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
  • Anthropology of the Middle East
  • The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology
  • Conflict and Society
  • Environment and Society
  • Focaal
  • Journal of Legal Anthropology
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Migration and Society
  • Museum Worlds
  • Religion and Society
  • Sibirica
  • Social Analysis
  • Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale

Eligibility criteria

This agreement covers all authors, however as it is not guaranteed that papers will be immediately made open access by the publisher, authors are expected to self-archive the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) to Pure immediately on acceptance.

Next steps

If you meet the eligibility criteria for this agreement, you can submit to the journal. On acceptance, remember to create a record in Pure and link to any funding acknowledged on the paper.

If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for this agreement, please complete an APC request form.


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