The University's Legislation consists of its Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations. All members of staff and students are subject to the Legislation. 

Whilst the Charter and Statutes are at the top of this hierarchy and address matters of institutional governance and organisation, most students and staff are affected directly only by the Ordinances and Regulations, which contain more detailed provisions related to employment of staff, programmes of study, health and safety, discipline and the University estate.

Changes to Legislation

The Update to Legislation document also gives a brief overview of the changes to University legislation for 2017-18. 


Lays down the core tenets of the governance of the University: its establishment and legal status, its objects and powers, its governing body and key institutional officers. Amendments to the Charter have to be approved by the Privy Council.

Please see our Student Charter web pages for further information.


Sets out the legal framework for the exercise of the University’s powers. They prescribe the composition, business and powers of the Council, Senate and Court as well as other provisions in connection with the governance of the University and the promotion of the objects of the Charter. Amendments to the Statutes also have to be approved by the Privy Council. 


Provides more detail on the exercise of powers than in the Statutes. They distribute the authority of Council to committees and to executive officers, and control use of that authority. They contain provisions regarding the Senate, the University Executive Board and the Court, and establish key organisational structures such as Colleges and Research Institutes. Ordinances may be amended or augmented by the University Council.


Contains principles and standards designed to control or govern conduct or provide direction at a more detailed level than Ordinances. Sections 1-4 and section 9 may be amended or augmented by the Council. Authority to amend or augment sections 5-8 (the academic and student-related Regulations) has been delegated to the Senate.

Other forms of guidance and codes of practice

Supplementing the Regulations, there are a number of Codes of Practice, Assessment Protocols and guidance documents:

Archived legislation

Human Resources and staffing

For Codes of Practice and Policies relating to Human Resources and Staffing, please consult the Human Resources web pages.