University Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)

UQAC has delegated authority from the Senate for the management of quality assurance in the University. It is supported in this work by the five College Quality Assurance and Approval Committees (CQAAC) (or equivalent).

Terms of reference (2022/23)

1.  To monitor all relevant external guidance and requirements related to quality assurance, initiating and co-ordinating action as appropriate.

2.  To develop and keep under review the University’s Academic Policy and Quality Framework, i.e. the systems, policies and guidance for assuring and enhancing the quality of students’ learning experience and maintaining academic standards for all taught provision, including apprenticeships, and to consider and manage the outcomes of these processes.  These include:

  • Annual programme and module review
  • The external examiner system for taught provision
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Integrated Review (education/quality elements)
  • Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies
  • Student complaints, appeals and misconduct

3.  To have oversight of the University’s approach to assuring the completeness, accuracy, reliability and fitness for purpose of information provided for applicants and students.

4.  To maintain operational oversight of academic and student-related policy and legislation, considering on behalf of Senate and UEC proposals for minor and operational legislative changes, consulting with Legal Services as appropriate.

5.  To consider on behalf of Senate proposals for the addition, withdrawal, suspension, and exceptional amendment of programmes of study of the University. This will normally be undertaken by Chair’s action for regular report to a subsequent meeting of the committee.  Proposals for complex or high-risk collaborative programmes may be referred to UEC and/or UEB.


  • Chair: Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)               
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Education Officer, Guild of Students                             
  • Postgraduate Officer, Guild of Students                        
  • Deputy Directors of Education (Quality and Enhancement) from each College
  • Director of Postgraduates (PGT)
  • Director of Postgraduates (PGR)
  • Professional Services staff in attendance as required

Reporting relationship

UQAC is a sub-committee of University Education Committee (UEC).  A formal report will be submitted annually (or more frequently as required) by UQAC to UEC.  Reports on the outcomes of institutional quality assurance processes will also be submitted directly to Senate, UEB and (where appropriate) Council.

UQAC also receives reports (via College committee minutes) on new programmes, modifications to programmes, plans to develop new programmes, and new modules approved by the relevant College Committee or equivalent on behalf of the Committee.

UQAC receives regular reports from its sub-committees (Collaborative Provision Committee, Graduate Research Board, Progress and Awards Board and Apprenticeship Delivery and Steering Group) and from College Quality Assurance and Approval Committees (or equivalent).

Meeting dates 2022/23

  • Thursday 15th September 2022 
  • Thursday  27th October 2022
  • Wednesday 30th November 2022
  • Wednesday 15th February 2023
  • Thursday 18th May 2023

Papers are available from the Secretary: Faye Bond,

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