Plagiarism awareness starting points

To avoid plagiarism, you need to acknowledge where you are using the work of others in an accurate and approved manner. Make sure you take time to reference accurately and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Referencing guides and software

I-cite is the University's one-stop guide to referencing. As well as information on correct referencing, it provides you with access to software which makes referencing even easier.

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Referencing styles can vary from School to School and from subject to subject, and it is important that you use the style your course requires. You should check with your Personal Tutor or with your School to make sure you are aware of any specific guidelines on formatting references.

Academic Skills Centre

If you want additional support with referencing and good academic practise, the Academic Skills Centre (ASC) provide resources and advice, including 1-1 appointments.

Study skills support

Plagiarism awareness is a part of wider study skills awareness. We have a number of study skills support resources that will help you develop good study habits and skills.


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