Collaborative Provision Annual Review


The annual review process provides Schools with an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching portfolio, both at the modular and programme level, with a view to the continual enhancement of provision for students.  In a change from last year’s process, the 2016-17 review is explicitly linked to the process of completing School Education Plans (SEPs) covering both UG and PGT provision for 2017-18, thus combining what were formerly two separate processes. 

The review process for collaborative provision arrangements has also been modified. A new form has been developed for the review of collaborative elements within a programme (i.e. delivery of a module, resources or support provided by the collaborative organisation etc.), which will focus specifically on the operation and quality of the collaborative aspects of the partnership.

A different form for validated programmes and programmes that are deemed to be ‘high risk’ collaborations will be circulated to Collaborative Programmes Officers (CPOs) for completion in conjunction with the collaborative organisations. The completion of collaborative review forms is additional to other annual review requirements such as completion of Module Review forms, consideration of statistical data, student survey results etc.  Issues identified will need to be considered, as appropriate, as part of the School Education Plan.

All forms for the review of collaborative provision arrangements, guidance and deadlines are available from SharePoint:

Any queries about the annual review process for collaborative provision should be directed to Elisa Parry (; telephone: 48705)