Student representation

The aim of the Student Representation System (SRS) is to ensure that every student at Birmingham is effectively represented to the University and the Guild by a fellow student.

What is the Student Representation System?

The Student Representation System (SRS) is a partnership between the University of Birmingham and the Guild of Students. The aim of the SRS is to ensure that every student at Birmingham is effectively represented to the University and the Guild by a fellow student. It is founded on the belief that through effective representation students become partners in their education, allowing a more active involvement in, and ownership of, their learning.

Student Representation System Advisory Board (SRSAB)

Student representation at Birmingham is coordinated by a joint University-Guild committee, which is co-chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) and the Guild Vice-President (Education). This is known as SRSAB. 

Information for Students/Student Representatives

Information on the Student Representation System can be found on the Guild of Students website ( You can also find out who your Staff Liaison Contact is by clicking here (log in required).

If you have any further queries about the SRS please contact the Guild of Students

Information for Staff Liaison Contacts (SLCs)

The information below has been provided for Staff Liaison Contacts (SLCs) and any other University member of staff involved in the operation of the SRS.

Governing Documents

You should be familiar with the University's regulations on student representation and the Code of Practice on the SRS. 

You should also be aware of the key dates in the SRS calendar, and the way in which you need to notify the Guild of your Student Representatives' contact details.

Important Documents

The Guild of Students has provided information about the training that is available to student representatives in 2017/18 and guidance to help you recruit/elect student representatives. General guidance to help you run Staff Student Committees (SSC) can be found in the Staff Liaison Contact (SLC) Handbook and Student Representation System (SRS) Operations Manual.

Useful Documents

The Guild of Students have also produced a range of documents which you may find useful throughout the academic year. The SLC Handbook and SRS Operations Manual refer and directly link to the following documents: 

SRS Staff Experience Forums

The SRS Staff Experience Forums were started in 2015 as a means for University and Guild of Students Staff that are involved with the SRS to come together to discuss potential support, developments and share best practice.

The forums are informal, held once per term and are open to any University or Guild of Students memebr of staff . The aims of the forum are:

  • To share and disseminate best practice
  • To discuss potential developments or initiatives that can be made to the system
  • To discuss what support can be offered by the Guild of Students

The 2017/18 forum dates are:

  • Wednesday 4th October 2017, 3pm-5pm


If you would like further information regarding the SRS Staff Experience Forums or would like to submit an item for discussion please email the Student Voice Department  

Effective practice resource

The SRSAB has collated a number of examples of effective practice in the operation of the SRS for your consideration which you can access.

Find out more

Staff members can find out more about the SRS by contacting Registry (Policy).

Information regarding Student Representation on University and College committees can be found in the following document:

Student Representation on University and College level committees (PDF - 48KB) 

Student meeting