Student Data Management / Systems Support and Reporting

Student Data Management

The Student Data Management team provides reporting to the Student Loans Company (SLC) / Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) and maintains Financial Sponsor data. The team also undertakes Data Management activities which supports the University’s statutory obligations.

Student Loans Company / Student Awards Agency Scotland Reporting

The Student Data Management team is responsible for reporting student registration and attendance status to the SLC and SAAS as well as changes in student circumstances such as withdrawal or Leave of Absence. This work is managed in partnership with Taught Student Administration and Research Student Administration. The registration confirmations that we make release maintenance payments to students and the attendance confirmations trigger tuition fee payments to the University.

SDM also assist students who are experiencing difficulties in receiving their loans and regularly liaises with the SLC, Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland and Student Awards Agency Scotland.

Financial Sponsor Maintenance

The Student Data Management team maintain financial sponsors’ contact details and associate students to sponsors on the University’s student records system (Banner) based on information provided by students at the time of Registration.

This information feeds through to the Finance system and allows Finance to invoice sponsors.

Data Management Activities

SDM works with colleagues across Professional Services to identify and address data quality issues within Banner. This includes providing a suite of data audit reports, monitoring the running of these, analysing and correcting data and providing support and training.

Contact Student Data Management

The team can be contacted by email at:

Andy Allison
Head of Student Data Management

Stuart Gillam
Student Data Management Officer

Jennie Jones
Student Data Management Assistant



Systems Support and Reporting

The Systems Support and Reporting team provides user support, system configuration, maintenance and development of:

Banner, the student records system
Document Manager, the document management application
BOXI, the reporting application
EvaSys, the module evaluation application

User Support

The System Support and Reporting team are the first point of contact for issues relating to the day to day use of Banner. This includes investigating Banner errors reported by users, giving guidance on best use of Banner and analysing any data issues that occur. The latter covers identifying the cause of the problem, the impact this has on other data fields and systems that use the data, and implementing solutions to both correct the data and fix the problem.

System Configuration, Maintenance and Support

Systems Support and Reporting are responsible for keeping the source data for Banner and EvaSys accurate and up to date. This includes ensuring that yearly processes are run to configure the system for the next academic year and to maintain system parameters. The team also test Banner, BOXI and EvaSys minor releases and coordinate the testing of major version upgrades from the user perspective.

Enhancements and Development Projects

Systems Support and Reporting request and test enhancements to Banner and BOXI. This involves defining the user requirements, writing test plans, running tests and finally implementing the change. We also fill various project roles where requested and attend user groups both within the University and nationally.

Contact Systems Support and Reporting

For any issues or queries regarding the above systems, existing BOXI reports or requests for new BOXI reports please contact us:

Andy Allison
Head of Student Data Management

Muhammad Tarajia
Systems Support & Reporting Officer



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