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Web Room Bookings is currently open.

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Now open until Friday 18th August 2023 03/11/22 - 18/08/23

Logging in

In order to access Web Room Bookings you will need to log in using your normal staff username and password. This service is not accessible to students, and is not accessible off campus unless you are logged on using the VPN.

Log into Web Room Bookings

This system should not be used for teaching bookings. If you wish to make a teaching booking, please contact the administrator responsible for timetabling within your school in the first instance. If you are not sure who this is, please email timetabling@contacts.bham.ac.uk and the timetabling team will try to direct you to the correct person.

How to book a room

  1. After logging in, fill in details of the location, date, start time and duration you require, and click “next”;
  2. From the list that appears, select the room you wish to book, and click “next”. Please note some rooms are only available to certain departments or colleges – if so, this will be indicated in brackets in the room description. If no rooms are available that meet your criteria, you may need to go back and amend your search criteria.
  3. Complete the confirmation details on the last page, and click “submit”.
  4. When the booking has been approved by the timetabling team, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

How to check or cancel an existing booking

After logging in, click the “my bookings” button at the bottom of the screen. This will display all your existing bookings made via this system, and give you an option to cancel them.

The list will only include bookings booked yourself using Web Room Bookings. If the booking you wish to check or cancel was not booked using Web Room Bookings, or was made by someone else, please refer to the Web Timetables, or email timetabling@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

How to find out when a specific room is free

To see a grid view of existing bookings within a room, please use Web Timetables.

Room information

To find out information about the furniture and equipment in a room, please see the LRAT Room Guide. Please note this site only displays room photos if you are logged in, and covers centrally managed rooms only.

The room I would like to use has an access restriction – can I book it?

Web Room Bookings allows bookings in:

  • All centrally managed teaching rooms;
  • Some (but not all) locally managed rooms, depending on arrangements made with schools/colleges. Many of these rooms are restricted to users within that school or college - if this is the case, it will say so in brackets at the end of the room description (eg "CoSS staff only", "CAL staff only".)

If you wish to book a room in the second category, and you are not from the school or college referred to, please contact a member of staff within that school or college, and ask if they are willing to make a booking on your behalf. The owning school or college has ultimate discretion over who is allowed to use their rooms.


Web Room Bookings is only accessible on campus. If you have any technical problems, such as you are unable to log in, or the system times out when you are using it, please log this on the IT Service Desk.

If the system is working, and you need help with how to use it, or advice on finding a suitable room for your event, please email timetabling@contacts.bham.ac.uk .




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