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Registry acts as the definitive record keeper of student information and of programme and module details on behalf of the University. Its work underpins a student's academic career from post-registration through to graduation.  It also supports academic and professional services staff in a number of areas, including: academic and student related Regulations and Codes of Practice and institutional and national quality matters.

Other key functions include: examinations and results processing; review, approval and publication of programme and module information; student appeals and complaints; systems and processes for quality assurance and enhancement; collaborative partnerships; and development and support for academic and student IT systems.

Registry acts as a corporate point of contact with key internal and external agencies.

The division comprises four sub-divisions:

Policy and Quality Assurance

The Policy and Quality Assurance sub-division (PQA) develops, implements and advises on key elements of the University's Academic Policy and Quality Framework.  This includes institutional quality assurance policies and processes such as programme and module development and approval, annual programme and module review, the external examiner system for taught provision, and the Student Representation System.

PQA develops and maintains the University's academic and student-related legislative framework, including Regulations, Codes of Practice, policies and associated guidance documentation, and provides guidance and support to students and staff on legislative issues and regulatory compliance.

The sub-division also supports the development, maintenance and review of collaborative provision delivered through arrangements with external organisations, both in the UK and internationally, including Degree Apprenticeships; and co-ordinates institutional responses to external quality assurance activity, such as reviews undertaken by the Quality Assurance Agency.

PQA manages student complaints, academic appeals and submissions to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator; and provides support to a number of institutional committees concerned with policy and quality matters.

The Policy and Quality Assurance sub-division comprises the following teams:

Student Administration

Student Administration manages processes around the student record and has oversight of key elements of the University's Student Information System, Banner, and also the Banner Interface Records Management System (BIRMS).

The Student Administration sub-division comprises the following teams:

Data Management

Data Management are a sub-division within Registry.  Their focus is on the processes and systems that move a student from enrolment to graduation; they provide expert advice on the development and approval of modules and programmes, on the systems that student data moves through on programme and beyond, and on the University's legally mandated external data reporting requirements.

The Data Management sub-division comprises the following teams:

Timetabling and Examinations

Timetabling and Examinations are a  sub-division within Registry. Their focus is on the scheduling of all teaching events and examinations across the University.

For further details of the services that fall within the Timetabling and Examinations sub-division remit:


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